Why LinkedIn Headshots Benefit from having a White Background.

Great post by Scott R Kline on why LinkedIn headshots with white backgrounds benefit your LinkedIn profile


A white background is the most effective way to get the most from your  LinkedIn headshots. You will get more connections and better relationships. Here are six reasons why.

Standout on that small screen

You will get more LinkedIn contacts if your photo stands out and is instantly recognizable. After someone has met you and wants to link to you or get more information, they will type your name into LinkedIn – probably on their smartphone. Six to ten names will come up with tiny images next to them. (If you don’t have a profile photo, forget about connecting.) If your profile photo is not recognizable, they will not link to you. By having a white background and a tight crop, there is no distraction from your face, giving you the largest chance of being recognized and getting the connection.

No Distractions for Viewer

A white background gives no distractions. A busy background is a distraction -especially on that tiny smartphone screen. I think a location-based portrait is better suited to a website, where a larger photo can be offered. Better to keep it simple and straightforward on LinkedIn.

Converts easily to black-and-white

A white background works really well in a black and white headshot. There is a big difference in tone between most faces and the background. If you take our previous tip about frequently changing your photo, a black-and-white version of your current photo makes that an easy and low-cost option.

A Pure White Background Says Professional Headshot

A professional corporate headshot is essential to having a LinkedIn profile that is complete and effective. Every LinkedIn and social media expert we have interviewed agrees. Selfies and amateur shots don’t have that pure white background. LinkedIn headshots with a white background makes it quickly evident that you made the investment in a professional headshot. That meticulousness makes an impression on a potential employer or customer.

Consistency Among Other Employees

Do you have an organization with multiple representatives with headshots on LinkedIn? Your company will look organized and well-managed if everyone has a similarly-styled headshot. A white background makes this happen with ease. A consistent crop amplifies this effect. This consistency can also be used on the team page of your website. When you receive your final retouched images from your photographer, make sure you have multiple crops of your headshots so that your webmaster can make the shot best fit your About Page. Many website these days are designed with a white background. The white background headshot can fit in nicely. Tip: A small grey line around the shot can really give a professional look on a white background site.

Bonus Website Benefit – Adding Future Employees

Adding future employees is a snap when you use a white background. If you make the background for all your employee shots too complicated or unusual, like shots in a specific place, adding future employee shots can be more difficult both logistically and from a cost basis. To make them match, the corporate photographer must go out to the same location, get the lighting the same and match the other shots. With a white background, the shot can be created almost anywhere.

If you want LinkedIn to work for you make sure you have a professional headshot that is up to the job.

Professional London studio corporate photography

A photo of you taken whilst at a pub/party/holiday/wedding, or one taken on your phone, does not present a professional image and will do more damage to your business profile than you may believe.

Facebook and Instagram photos won’t work as your professional profile pic, let’s be clear on that! Also, be careful not to have anything too cheesy, sultry or flirty. Make sure it’s also recent, if you have 30 years of experience and a picture taken just after university, then clients or employees will notice.

Remember first impressions count, so invest in having a professional corporate headshot taken.

Also you now have the ability to add a background photo so think carefully what to use and how it illustrates your business sector.

professional corporate headshots in London studio

See how we create our LinkedIn headshots.


LinkedIn Profile Headshots

Luke-Photographer Photographer Luke
Shoot for a client who wanted a selection of headshots for website profiles and her LinkedIn page. We took these on location at the LSE just off Portugal St London WC2A.


LinkedIn Headshot at LSE Portugal St WC2A

Corporate headshot London WC2A

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LinkedIn Photography


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Photographer Grantly Lynch
Over the last few years we have been promoting the importance of your LinkedIn profile photo. It is still fairly common to see business people using family photos or badly taken portraits on their LinkedIn profile page. Their is a misconception that because it is quick and easy to change your photo on LinkedIn, any digital pic to hand will do for the time being. Clients will spend hours preparing their LinkedIn profile description and listing their business achievements, forgetting that the first thing potential clients look at when reaching their LinkedIn profile page is their headshot.
As we provide a professional LinkedIn photographer service we always suggest that clients give their profile photo some thought and extend their marketing budget to include a commissioned LinkedIn headshot. Before hiring a portrait photographer you need to decide on what image you want to put across on LinkedIn and take in consideration your business and your professional personality.
There are three main styles you can select from. The first is a photography studio style which uses professional lighting. This means you can commission a photographer whose portfolio you prefer and they will shoot your portrait using studio lighting with a plain background at your offices. This allows you to have plenty of control over your headshot and will result in a formal and traditional portrait.

LinkedIn photographer LondonLinkedIn profile photographer

LinkedIn profile photoLinkedIn corporate headshots

The second option is to capture your LinkedIn headshot in a less staged and more contemporary style. This is the sort of commissions we get asked to do and it involves a photographer visiting your place of business and including elements of your company and surroundings in the LinkedIn photos. We find this results in a more relaxed and natural style of headshot which although professional makes the person look more approachable and engaging.
LinkedIn office photoLinkedIn workplace photography

LinkedIn reportage photoLondon LinkedIn photos

The third option is similar to the second option ie the photographer comes to you, but instead of a formal to camera pose you can be photographed looking off camera as if you are in working mode and almost unaware that you are having your portrait taken. This style of corporate portrait photography is becoming very popular as the portraits look completely unposed and the subject finds the whole process less staged.

Unposed LinkedIn PhotosLinkedin natural headshots

Linkedin reportage photos Unposed LinkedIn Photos

If your marketing budget does not allow you to commission a professional corporate portrait photographer then we still suggest that you take care what you upload as your LinkedIn photo. Never leave the profile photo empty so that your page shows a default blank. This looks really unprofessional and can even suggest an element of mistrust in the viewers mind.
If you can get a friend to take a portrait for you then try lots of different options. Think about what the background will be and consider the different poses, not everyone suits looking straight to camera and smiling. Using a Iphone to capture a self portrait can be a clever way of to get a good result. You can do unlimited attempts at no extra cost and many of the photography apps available allow you to balance the lighting/tones. Instagram offers a good selection of filters and cropping options. A common problem we have noticed is that clients do not crop their portraits in tight enough which means as the actual profile size on LinkedIn is already small the image gets lot once reduced to fit on the LinkedIn page.
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