Why you must have a good quality LinkedIn profile photo.

We often post articles about the benefits of having a quality LinkedIn profile photo and here are a few more reasons why you should do this. LinkedIn guidelines say that if your profile photo is not a good likeness of yourself then it can be removed. If they remove your poor quality profile photo you can upload another one. If they remove your profile photo 3 times you will not be able to upload another photo and your profile image will go back to the default image. Having the default LinkedIn profile image makes your profile page look amateurish because it appears you could not be bothered to complete your profile. Another reason for uploading a quality LinkedIn profile photo is that if you try and upload other types of images these will also be removed. You might want to promote your company rather than yourself on Linkedin but uploading a company or business logo as your profile photo will result in it being removed by Linkedin. As will images of Landscapes, animals and any words and phrases. Overall be careful with what you upload as your profile photo as it is three strikes and you are out and that is a hazardous position when you are using LinkedIn as a professional.

If you commission a professional LinkedIn profile photo check with the headshot photographer prior to the shoot that they will format the finished headshot for use on LinkedIn. These are the guidelines from LinkedIn on profile and background photos specifications.

  • The maximum file size is 8MB.
  • Profile photo: Pixel size is between 400 (w) x 400 (h) pixels and 7680 (w) x 4320 (h) pixels. We recommend adding a photo that won’t require much cropping. You can adjust the photo after it has been uploaded.
  • Background photo: Recommended pixel dimensions are 1584 (w) x 396 (h) pixels. Learn more about adding or editing background photos.
  • The file type must be PNG or JPG. Note: We don’t support GIFs.

If it still won’t upload, try again using a different browser. If that doesn’t work, follow the instructions below to compress and save your profile photo as a PNG file and then upload it to your profile.

Why you must have a good quality LinkedIn profile photo.

Good quality LinkedIn profile photo sample headshot.

What to expect from a professional LinkedIn headshot shoot.

Tips on your LinkedIn headshot shoot.

If you have made the decision to commission a professional LinkedIn headshot shoot then here is a list of things you should expect to be included. Having picked the photographer you would like to use you will need to establish the style of LinkedIn profile photo you want to be captured. The style will determine if the shoot will be using studio lighting and your choice of background colour or on location with an office or cityscape backdrop. 

You should expect the photographer to be using a long lens sometimes known as a portrait lens on your LinkedIn headshot shoot. The reason for this is that a long lens will compress the headshot which gives a more flattering portrait. A standard lens or wide-angle lens is not suitable for headshots as they will distort the face and make the centre features look bigger. The other benefit of a long lens is that the photographer will be further away from you which is less intrusive so you will look more relaxed in your LinkedIn headshot. Although the photographer is at least 3 metres from you the long lens will still be capturing a close-up headshot showing in your best light.
With regards to lighting the headshot, you should expect the photographer to be using off-camera flash lighting. If they have a flash on camera then the lighting will be too direct which is harsh and can result in red-eye. A couple of flash lighting units should be on stands with good quality diffusers or softboxes to balance out the lighting and create a soft and professional lighting source.
The photographer should give you direction on how to stance and facial expressions. You should expect a good variety of poses and expressions so that when you come to select you have a good variety to choose from.
Make sure you agree prior to the shoot what the photographer will include regarding post-production work. Ask to see samples of their retouching skills and find out how many headshots they will agree to work on within the agreed cost. Most people are unaware of how advanced digital make-up has become and a skilled photo editor can change backgrounds, remove spots and scares and make you look fresh and turned out well. Remember you should ask to see the before and after post-production samples as photo editing work needs to be subtle and you should not be able to see any evidence of this being carried out on the final LinkedIn profile photo.
For more tips and suggestions about creating quality profile photos for your LinkedIn page.
Sample showing a quality LinkedIn headshot photo from a professional photographer

Sample showing a quality LinkedIn headshot photo from a professional photographer

Make a good first impression. LinkedIn profile photo.

You do not get a second chance to make an excellent first impression with your LinkedIn profile photo.
We have often mentioned the importance of how your LinkedIn profile photo must appear professional but it seems some people are still failing to put this into practice. When it comes to the content on your LinkedIn profile page, many business people spend ages working on their introduction, skills and career highlights. Once they have all this in place, they might consider uploading a profile photo. So here we go. They might flick through the selfies on their phone, dig out an old picture of them on holiday or at a wedding and find one they luck and that is the job done. The only thing worse for your profile page is leaving the picture as a default setting, as this looks like you can not be bothered to finish your profile page. A bad or amateur profile photo of you makes your page look unprofessional. It might not have cost you anything, but it will cost you when a potential client or employee looks at the page.
Remember, when anyone looks at a website, the first thing their eyes land on is the photos. It’s the quickest way the human mind can get information about what they are looking for and gauge if it is worth investing time in reading the rest of the content. So an amateur profile photo is the first thing your viewer will look at, and that first impression will discourage them from going any further.
When people get quotes for professional LinkedIn profile photos, they are put off by the cost, getting to a studio and investing the time and energy on something that is only a tiny photo in the corner of a profile page. They tell themselves that people will look past the picture, and once they read how great they are in the copy, all will be OK. But why run the risk. In comparison to getting a new job or securing a good client, the cost of a decent professional LinkedIn profile headshot is a minimal outlay. If you are using Linkedin to promote yourself as a high performing professional, then do everything possible on your profile page to look like one.

LinkedIn profile photo with suggested wardrobe top tips for men.

Do you need to get a professional headshot photo for your LinkedIn profile page?

There are certain circumstances why you do not need a professional headshot for your Linkedin profile page.
Firstly if you have a partner or a friend who has a good eye and a decent DSLR camera, you can ask them to help you out with your profile photo.
A long or portrait lens is ideal, and if they can remember to place you on a plain background and use soft diffused light to even out any harsh shadows. Failing this, then if you have a decent camera or phone with a self-timer and plenty of time to test different angles and positions to get a half-decent headshot, then you might be able to avoid paying for a professional profile photo.
If you do not have the above, then it is not a good idea to take your own LinkedIn profile photo. Remember your Linkedin page is your shopfront to your business community, and a poor profile photo will reflect badly on you and your business abilities. Trying to get away with using an old family or holiday photo is below standard. Another bad idea is to use a selfie that you have captured on your phone. These always look amateurish, and you don’t want to send out that impression about your profession.
If you fall into the latter situation, then budget for a professional corporate headshot. Select a corporate portrait photographer who has a good portfolio of business headshota, and if you have any sample profile photos you have seen on company websites or LinkedIn, then use these to guide the photographer to the type of photo you want. Let the photographer guide you regarding stance, lighting and expressions. Also, they will have high-end post-production software to add a pure web-friendly white background and remove any blemishes and spots that need tidying up.

You will end up with a quality corporate headshot you can use across all business media, and your LinkedIn profile page will look professional.

Do you need to get a professional headshot photo for your LinkedIn profile page?

Professional corporate headshot for profile photo on LinkedIn page.