Professional LinkedIn Profile Photo

Do you need a professional LinkedIn profile photo?

LinkedIn is an online worldwide database of professional business people. Used by companies and individuals, it is a very useful tool to help your business. You can create a LinkedIn profile at no cost and use this profile as a showcase for your business skills and experience. Potential clients or employers can view your LinkedIn profile so you need to ensure that it is as professional as it can be.

Why you need a professional LinkedIn headshot?

When a viewer looks at your LinkedIn profile the very first thing that will catch their eye is your profile photo. You do not get a second chance to make a good first impression so if your profile photo is a poor standard then this will reflect on you.

How do I get a professional LinkedIn headshot?

If you decide to get a professional LinkedIn profile photo or headshot then let us discuss the options and the process. Firstly you will need to find a portrait photographer who has experience with corporate photography. After a few searches, you will need to check out their portfolios and check they are within your budget. Make sure whoever you pick has past experience in corporate portrait photography and is used to working in a business environment. The photographer needs to understand that you do not need a nice smiling photo for a dating site but a professional portrait for business.

What should I expect after I commission a professional corporate photographer?

After the shoot, you should receive the full selection of all the headshots captured on the day. You would be asked to make a selection of your preferred headshots and these will be retouched and airbrushed to make you look your best. Be careful to only make subtle changes to your headshots. Removing spots, scares and reducing wrinkles is acceptable. Remember your LinkedIn profile photo needs to resemble a current version of yourself.

What type of LinkedIn headshot should you get?

A great way to make sure you get the ideal professional LinkedIn profile photo is to show the photographer headshot samples you like. Ideally, these are headshots from their portfolio or samples you would like them to replicate. Another factor to look at is what style of headshot best represents my business sector. If you work in the Financial or Legal sectors you want a headshot that shows you as a responsible and professional individual. On the other hand, if you work in the media or creative sectors you can be more relaxed and quirky.

Professional LinkedIn headshots that show a range of different styles.

Sample of LinkedIn profile photo taken in London offices.

LinkedIn professional headshot captured in London offices.










The above headshot samples were captured in business offices. This gives the impression of a working environment that fits with the image of a busy professional.

Professional LinkedIn headshot for profile page

Professional LinkedIn profile photo in London










Here we have two corporate headshots which have been captured using a studio setup. This means you have the benefit of soft lighting and a plain solid background. Clean crisp and professional.

Professional LinkedIn headshot captured with London City background Professional headshot taken in London for use as a LinkedIn profile photo










Above we have samples of LinkedIn profile photos captured in London showing that the individual lives and works in the City.

Reportage action corporate photography for use as LinkedIn profile photo. LinkedIn profile photo captured in London offices by a professional corporate photographer










Natural and unposed corporate reportage photos are becoming more popular for use as LinkedIn profile photos.

City professional headshot for LinkedIn profile photos Contemporary City professional headshot for LinkedIn profile photos










Using post-production processes these headshots have been captured on a plain background and then a City backdrop has been added to give a sense of London.

If you have any further questions please visit my LinkedIn profile page and we can discuss your requirements.

Photographs of Corporate London, The City.

In normal business times, the majority of our corporate photography commissions would be in client’s offices based in The City the corporate area of London. Over the years we have captured street-level views of photographs of corporate London buildings and Landmarks. The City of London has some of the oldest buildings and original markets called Cheaps. Today we have street names such as Eastcheap and Cheapside. In the heart of The City,  you will find Leadenhall market which we often wander through just to pick up the atmosphere of Old London.

City of London. Leadenhall Market Corporate Photography London Ltd

Leadenhall Market








Moving from corporate photography commissions we often walk through Bank and Cornhill which seems to be where several major London streets all link together. Always busy with business and tourist traffic this always seems like the centre of the City to us.

City of London Cornhill and Bank Corporate Photography London Ltd

Cornhill and Bank








We have already mentioned that the City has some of the oldest buildings in London and now due to a corridor or sightline London rules it now has some of the newest and tallest buildings. When they built St Paul’s the people of London grew very fond of it on the London skyline and in 1938 a law was passed to protect the view. There are 13 protected corridors in which planners are not allowed to block the view of St Paul’s. These corridors all extend out in a West, South and North direction. Most of the City sits to the East of St Pauls which meant buildings going up to the East of St Pauls did not break any building laws.

City Of London The City Corporate Photography London Ltd

City Of London The City

City Of London The City Corporate Photography London Ltd

City Of London The City








Our favourite building would have to be the Lloyds buildings on Lime Street. Built-in 1978 by Richard Rogers and Partners it still looks modern and although it is now standing in the shadows of much larger office towers it still retains a certain charm and which surpasses many contemporary neighbours.

City of London Lloyds building. Corporate Photography London Ltd

City of London Lloyds building.








Photographs of Corporate London © Corporate Photography Ltd.

Company Website Headshots

A very large percentage of our commissions are for company website headshots. These are normally requested if the client is doing a new or refreshing their business website. The ‘About Us’ or ‘Meet the team’ page is as important as any others on their site so it is critical to keep the headshots looking professional and consistent. Even now I am asked to look at a new corporate website and see that the profile photos are taken on a phone and have no consistency at all. This does surprise us as the business owner has spent time and money in other areas of the site but just deemed the profile photos as not important. As we are still in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis it is even harder to maintain a good range of staff headshots on the company website. But we do have a few suggestions to help clients as they are currently unable to commission a corporate headshot photographer.

Our first tip is to make sure that a new employee when taking a new headshot gets a friend to take it and not take their headshot in a mirror. Position themselves in an area of soft light away from direct sunlight and any harsh overhead lighting. Capture the portrait from the waist up so that anyone working on the headshot in post-production has enough room to crop and match the current team photos. Secondly, make sure you are using the highest quality resolution your phone or camera will allow. We receive some amateur portraits that are so pixelated that we can not improve them. Lastly, think about the background. The best solution is to take your headshot against a plain light wall. This allows you to avoid any distracting shapes or colours behind the subject. This is the advice we give to our clients and we then have plenty to work with if they want us to clean and tidy them up in photoshop. We often add backgrounds to make the company website headshots consistent or we add location backgrounds for international clients.

Company website headshots with consistent backgrounds

Company website headshots with consistent backgrounds

Reviewing Past Corporate Headshot Commissions.

Before Covid-19 took its terrible hold on the UK, we would write articles about recent corporate headshot commissions. These usually followed if we had a very successful or rewarding shoot and had interesting points for the reader. As we move into another lockdown and no sign of our work coming back soon, we are looking at past corporate headshot commissions. The one we are looking back on is a shoot we did for Harrods. We were asked to capture their management team’s corporate headshots at their offices in the Harrods building in Knightsbridge. Their marketing director arranged a large office for us to do the shoot in and plenty of coffee to keep us going. We had agreed to do the headshots on a dark background which is not usually used for corporate headshots as 90%are taken against a white background. Sometimes the dark background can look a little overpowering and not as clean and crisp and a white one.

Prior to the commission, we always send over some wardrobe guidelines to give people some ideas and suggestions regarding what works and what does not. The Harrods team were very professional and very well presented, and we knew directly that placing them in front of the dark grey background would be a great match. When it came to the lighting, we decided to keep the lights soft and direct to avoid any harsh shadows. We photographed ten people on this commission, and with plenty of different poses and expressions, we were sure the client would be happy.

The feedback was very positive when we sent over the preview images. A couple of headshots were selected for retouching and airbrushing, and we really pleased with the results. The two samples below show how the monotone clothing and the dark grey background lift the person’s skin colour and give a striking corporate headshot. The ironic thing was that the client later asked us to convert the colour images into black and white as they had changed the website design.

Professional corporate headshot on dark background.

Professional corporate headshot on dark background.