How to choose the right professional photographer for your LinkedIn profile photo?

Guidance on how to find the right professional photographer for your new corporate headshot.
When you decide to get your LinkedIn profile photo taken professionally, you have to find the right professional photographer. Do not assume that all pro photographers will be able to capture a quality headshot for you. As with all fields of industry and business, you have different sectors and specialists. There are many kinds of professional photographers such as landscape, travel, lifestyle, product, sports, nature, artistic, and portrait. Each photographer may be brilliant in their own field, and you may love their work but do not assume they will have all the skills and experience to capture your LinkedIn headshot.
You need to find a portrait photographer. When searching, remember you want to find the style of corporate headshot you want. Do not choose a photographer because they are the best value, and you hope they will be able to copy the style of another portrait photographer you prefer but can not afford.
When searching, you can find the average costs for a professional LinkedIn photo in your area. We have researched our own pricing and have seen prices from £90 to £375 for a single corporate headshot session in London.

You will have your budget, and as you have made a good decision to get your profile photo taken professionally, then spend what you can to get it right. Choose a couple of portrait photographers who fit with your vision of what you want. Ask to see a few of their last photoshoots as well as their portfolio. Check out their reviews, and there is no harm in asking for a discount if you have a friend who also needs a new LinkedIn headshot and can come along to the session at a reduced rate.
Another thing to make sure you have included in the commission is that a fixed amount of the images will be retouched/airbrushed, and edited. They need to be formatted and ready to be uploaded to LinkedIn. All professional portrait photographers should have pro editing software. Get this service included in your commission, and do not try to edit the headshots yourself as this is a skilled process and can easily look wrong if processed incorrectly.

Choosing the right professional photographer for your LinkedIn profile picture in London

Choosing the right professional photographer for your LinkedIn profile picture.