Why LinkedIn Headshots Benefit from having a White Background.

Great post by Scott R Kline on why LinkedIn headshots with white backgrounds benefit your LinkedIn profile


A white background is the most effective way to get the most from your  LinkedIn headshots. You will get more connections and better relationships. Here are six reasons why.

Standout on that small screen

You will get more LinkedIn contacts if your photo stands out and is instantly recognizable. After someone has met you and wants to link to you or get more information, they will type your name into LinkedIn – probably on their smartphone. Six to ten names will come up with tiny images next to them. (If you don’t have a profile photo, forget about connecting.) If your profile photo is not recognizable, they will not link to you. By having a white background and a tight crop, there is no distraction from your face, giving you the largest chance of being recognized and getting the connection.

No Distractions for Viewer

A white background gives no distractions. A busy background is a distraction -especially on that tiny smartphone screen. I think a location-based portrait is better suited to a website, where a larger photo can be offered. Better to keep it simple and straightforward on LinkedIn.

Converts easily to black-and-white

A white background works really well in a black and white headshot. There is a big difference in tone between most faces and the background. If you take our previous tip about frequently changing your photo, a black-and-white version of your current photo makes that an easy and low-cost option.

A Pure White Background Says Professional Headshot

A professional corporate headshot is essential to having a LinkedIn profile that is complete and effective. Every LinkedIn and social media expert we have interviewed agrees. Selfies and amateur shots don’t have that pure white background. LinkedIn headshots with a white background makes it quickly evident that you made the investment in a professional headshot. That meticulousness makes an impression on a potential employer or customer.

Consistency Among Other Employees

Do you have an organization with multiple representatives with headshots on LinkedIn? Your company will look organized and well-managed if everyone has a similarly-styled headshot. A white background makes this happen with ease. A consistent crop amplifies this effect. This consistency can also be used on the team page of your website. When you receive your final retouched images from your photographer, make sure you have multiple crops of your headshots so that your webmaster can make the shot best fit your About Page. Many website these days are designed with a white background. The white background headshot can fit in nicely. Tip: A small grey line around the shot can really give a professional look on a white background site.

Bonus Website Benefit – Adding Future Employees

Adding future employees is a snap when you use a white background. If you make the background for all your employee shots too complicated or unusual, like shots in a specific place, adding future employee shots can be more difficult both logistically and from a cost basis. To make them match, the corporate photographer must go out to the same location, get the lighting the same and match the other shots. With a white background, the shot can be created almost anywhere.