LinkedIn Profile Photo. How to look Professional for Potential Employers.

Jagadeesh Kumar quote: ‘A photo can speak more than what a thousand words can speak’. Looking at this quote, we all look at this as a positive thing, but it can have a negative slant as well. Your LinkedIn profile photo introduces you to potential employers and clients. Get that wrong, and you might as well write a thousand words about what a poor employee you would be.

As mentioned many times on our blog, your LinkedIn profile photo is the first impression any employee gets from your Linkedin page. You do not get a second chance to make a good first impression, so when your potential employer is going through many job applicants, a poor LinkedIn profile photo will do you no favours.

Based on the LinkedIn analysis, simply adding a good picture increases your profile’s visibility by 14 times and increases your chances of receiving a response by 36 times. Let us suggest a few tips to help you look professional in your profile photo.

Get the right background. Be aware of what is behind you when you are getting your LinkedIn profile photo taken. It can be a plain background or an office environment which suggests professionalism. Do not have a non related business background. You might like the photo your friend or partner captured of you on holiday, but boats and palm trees are really not suitable.

Go to a professional portrait photographer. They will have access to studio lighting and a long portrait lens, which all contribute to making you look more professional in your LinkedIn profile photo.

Dress like you are going for your first job interview. Please do not overdo it but look like you are proud to be going to work and that you have made an effort. Remember looking like you are working from home is not going to look professional.

Do not cut corners if you want to look professional. A selfie on LinkedIn will make you look unprofessional and may even be a bit disrespectful toward potential employers.

LinkedIn Profile Photo. How to look Professional for Potential Employers.

Professional LinkedIn Profile Photo.