Make a good first impression. LinkedIn profile photo.

You do not get a second chance to make an excellent first impression with your LinkedIn profile photo.
We have often mentioned the importance of how your LinkedIn profile photo must appear professional but it seems some people are still failing to put this into practice. When it comes to the content on your LinkedIn profile page, many business people spend ages working on their introduction, skills and career highlights. Once they have all this in place, they might consider uploading a profile photo. So here we go. They might flick through the selfies on their phone, dig out an old picture of them on holiday or at a wedding and find one they luck and that is the job done. The only thing worse for your profile page is leaving the picture as a default setting, as this looks like you can not be bothered to finish your profile page. A bad or amateur profile photo of you makes your page look unprofessional. It might not have cost you anything, but it will cost you when a potential client or employee looks at the page.
Remember, when anyone looks at a website, the first thing their eyes land on is the photos. It’s the quickest way the human mind can get information about what they are looking for and gauge if it is worth investing time in reading the rest of the content. So an amateur profile photo is the first thing your viewer will look at, and that first impression will discourage them from going any further.
When people get quotes for professional LinkedIn profile photos, they are put off by the cost, getting to a studio and investing the time and energy on something that is only a tiny photo in the corner of a profile page. They tell themselves that people will look past the picture, and once they read how great they are in the copy, all will be OK. But why run the risk. In comparison to getting a new job or securing a good client, the cost of a decent professional LinkedIn profile headshot is a minimal outlay. If you are using Linkedin to promote yourself as a high performing professional, then do everything possible on your profile page to look like one.

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