Corporate Photography in London Offices

Following on from my last post on corporate London photography I would like to show some samples of our corporate photography taken in London offices.

This style of photography has always been one of our favourites to capture and to see on clients websites. Most of our commissions are for corporate headshots but we are seeing more clients asking us to also capture some ‘working’ images whilst we are there. In our opinion these give a true reflection of your company and its employees, capturing natural and unposed images of everyday office life. When we explain that to capture these reportage office shots we will just wander around the building and wait for interesting moments to happen, understandably clients are a little wary of what we will come back with. Our aim is to make the offices look as good as possible and using focus techniques with experience we can perfect these everyday scenes into good marketing material for your company.

These corporate reportage photographs look natural and therefore seeming easy to capture as the photographer just has to point his camera at what is going on in the offices. This is far from the truth and capturing these images takes lots of skill and experience. Photographers who are not used to shooting reportage can come unstuck very quickly as they are faced by a busy office full of people who normally do not want to be photographed. Blending into the background and thinking ahead of situations are skills you need and making sure you are in the correct position to capture a moment when it is about to happen. If the photographer is wandering around a London office and seeing a fleeting moment happen then they have missed the opportunity to capture it as they will not have time to get the camera in position let alone focus accurately.

Once in the bag these images are ideal for company websites and can be used as banner images and we are seeing them used as individual’s profile photographs along with and sometimes, instead of the more traditional corporate headshot.

reportage corporate photography in London offices

reportage corporate photography in London offices

reportage corporate photography in London offices

reportage corporate photography in London offices

reportage corporate photography in London offices

reportage corporate photography in London offices

reportage corporate photography in London offices

reportage corporate photography in London offices











reportage corporate photography in London offices











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Corporate London Photography

Series of City photography featuring corporate London scenes.

Working as a corporate photographer in London we get to visit some of London’s finest architecture and see some wonderful cityscapes from high office buildings. What is interesting is that we are rarely commissioned to photograph these views and instead we photograph City landmarks and then photoshop them as backgrounds for people’s corporate headshots.

Corporate London photography City skyline view

Corporate London photography with City skyline view

Here we used one of our London City photographs and added it to a headshot that was taken in our studio. We added the window frames as well and blurred the background to give the corporate headshot a very realistic look.

I think the reason for the lack of corporate London photography commissions is that clients are wanting to show their offices and people rather than images of where they are located in London. This is due to the fact that London cityscapes are easily accessible from photo library and therefore companies are wary of using library images or photos that could be mistake for stock photography.

On our file sharing website corporate photographer London  we use a selection of various corporate London images and feel these are appropriate as they give a feel for what we do and at the same time being of general interest to our clients. Our aim was to change these images every week so that clients returning to the site to download their recent commissioned corporate headshots or event photos would see a fresh set of images.

Corporate London photography city streets traffic view

Captured on London Bridge approach road as the traffic moved forward we blurred the image to give an iconic view of London.

Corporate London photography London Bridge view

Commuters walking over London Bridge early on a winter rush hour morning.

Leadenhall Street as businessman rushes to a meeting.

Corporate London photography Gherkin skyline view

Top of the Gherkin or to give it its proper name and address 30 St Mary Axe.

Corporate London photography Heron Tower skyline view

The new Leadenhall building AKA The Wedge or The Cheesegrater with 20 Fenchurch St AKA The Walkie Talkie and The Shard.