Benefits of Professional Executive Headshots

Great article by New York corporate photographer  Michael Benabib

Working with executive headshots.

LinkedIn is the most lucrative social platform for corporate business and client acquisition. Your LinkedIn profile pic is the first impression to inspire engagement from your target market. Therefore, it’s imperative your corporate headshots and LinkedIn profile pic best represents your business and experience level.

The best example for the perfect LinkedIn profile pic is the corporate headshot of LinkedIn VP of Marketing Solutions, Penry Price. As the photographer working with LinkedIn executives, I’d like to share the elements for a perfect corporate headshot. Here are 7 tips to achieve a high-ranking profile pic:

executive headshots executive headshots executive headshots

1.    Hire a Professional.

Don’t squander your executive headshot image potential with a candid profile photo. Professionalism and individual value is perceived by the investment you are willing to invest in yourself; if you wouldn’t, why should anyone else? If you want to be perceived as an consummate professional, hire a professional.

2.    Arrive with an open mind.

Willingness to experiment is critical to any creative endeavor and yields optimal results. Therefore, be open to stepping outside your comfort zone. There’s a method to the madness for any seasoned headshot photographer to achieve the best results. Remember, it’s always in your best interest for the photographer to make you look outstanding. If you don’t look good, we don’t look good.

3.    Look straight into the camera.

A successful business profile photo communicates with the viewer. Connect with the camera to make a positive first impression. Don’t think about your facial expression, have fun.

4.    Dress for success.

It’s best to let your personal style shine through. However, If wardrobe selection becomes a daunting task, browse corporate headshots of prominent pros in your field for inspiration. Either way… keep it clean, pressed, and wrinkle-free.

5.    Company culture matters.

Similar to the LinkedIn profile photo we featured, shoot in a location that tells your story. Your executive headshots environment will provide a sense of company culture in its best light. However, a studio photoshoot session can be customized to put you in your best light.

6.    Have fun.

I enjoy getting to meet and work with different people. Our shoot is 50% photography and 50% getting to know each other. The camera captures the moment – we create an atmosphere that exudes confidence and comfort. Don’t stress the small stuff, Photoshop is everyone’s friend.

7.    Try different poses.

Commonly, corporate clients are surprised to discover their best angle was counter-intuitive and contrary to how they usually pose for the camera. Your photographer will guide you through different ways to position yourself for the camera. Also, review your photos during your photoshoot so you can see the variations, then go shoot more.

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