What is the best kind of LinkedIn Profile Photo?

How to decide what is the best kind of LinkedIn profile photo depends on what kind of profession you work in.

If you work in the legal or financial sector you need to look professional and that you take your work seriously. Potential clients will be looking at your LinkedIn profile photo and asking themselves do you look like the right kind of person to help them with their legal and financial businesses. We would suggest a slight smile or a studious expression. Do not grin at the camera. Look like you take your job seriously and dress in business attire. Nothing too flashy. Remember, this is not about portraying your personality in a photo it is about giving off the first impression that you are a business professional. Keep your background simple. A plain white or dark backdrop or a company logo.

Working in sales and marketing your LinkedIn profile photo will need to make you appear approachable to potential clients. Obviously your working attire needs to reflect your business sector and a busy working environment as the background can make it appear that you are a professional at work. Things can be a little more casual in how you appear and a warm smile and always looking to camera and inviting the viewer to get to know you. Bright colours attract attention so think how you can add some with a distinctive tie or some in the background. Lots of our clients request that we capture their LinkedIn profile photo with jackets on and off also with a tie on and off. This way they review after the shoot and see what images works best for them on their LinkedIn profile page.

If you are working in the social media sector then you have to appear engaging and interesting in your LinkedIn profile page. Social media is a growing sector but still relatively new and many clients struggle with it. We suggest that you look dependable and interesting. Your headshot needs to catch the eye so try something that is going to grab the viewers attention. Their are websites that allow you to upload a headshot and get feedback on what people think it says about you. Well worth a try as it could get you a new client or a better career position.

What is the best kind of LinkedIn Profile Photo?

Typical clean cut and professional LinkedIn profile photo.