What to wear in your LinkedIn profile photo. Wardrobe tips & ideas.

So you have booked your professional LinkedIn profile photo session. Then comes the first question, what should I wear? We get asked this all the time and our advice is to wear clothes you feel comfortable and confident in. As LinkedIn is a business social media platform you should always dress according to the business sector you work in.

Whatever you choose to wear for your LinkedIn profile photo make sure it is clean and well ironed. Nothing looks worse than a crumpled suit or dress. We have seen over the years a progression to more relaxed dress codes in the corporate world and now men and women can dress less formal but your clothes still need to be presentable and professional.

Dress according to your character. If you are an outgoing bubbly character then this will reflect in your wardrobe. If you are a more reserved character then let your wardrobe reflect this.

We do suggest that you wear something from your current wardrobe. Do not go out and purchase a whole new outfit just for your professional LinkedIn profile photo. You might feel and look uncomfortable in something you are not used to wearing.

Tips for Women.

Solid colours are better. You want to avoid too many colours and any large strong patterns as this can look too much in a small profile photo.

Hair should be worn as you would in a business meeting. Remember to look professional rather than attractive.

Jewellery should be kept to a minimum and understated is preferred.

LinkedIn profile photo with tips on what to wear for women

LinkedIn profile photo with suggested wardrobe ideas for women









Tips for Men.

Jackets should be solid colours and avoid bold designs as these can overpower the profile photo.

Shirts should be white or lighter colours. Dark shirts do not work well. Avoid stripes.

Ties should be simple patterns or one colour. Bring a selection all to see what works best on the day of the shoot.

LinkedIn profile photo with tips on what to wear for men.

LinkedIn profile photo with suggested wardrobe top tips for men.