LinkedIn profile photo the do’s and don’ts.

LinkedIn profile photo the do’s and don’ts. Here are our suggestions on what you should and what you must avoid doing.

The first thing to do is to commission a professional corporate headshot photographer. OK, it will cost you a couple of hundred pounds, but is that not a cheap price when it comes to looking professional on your LinkedIn profile page? Remember, your LinkedIn profile page is your business shopfront. Potential clients and employers will visit this page to get a first impression of you, so having a professional LinkedIn profile photo is a very, very good idea.

The second thing to do once you have decided to commission a professional corporate headshot photographer is to research whom you want to hire. Don’t just select the first person you find in your search. Go through lots of portfolios and also ask to see their last couple of commissions. You want to be sure they can produce quality LinkedIn profile photos every time. Prices will vary due to studio locations (which are more expensive in The City and West End). Also, it depends on how busy the photographer is and fitting this into your busy working day.

The first don’t, and we can’t stress this enough, is never ever use a selfie. These are fine for your other social media but really do not have any place on LinkedIn. When you capture a selfie, your arm is outstretched, and this contorts your body. For example, a professional corporate headshot photographer would never suggest that you take this pose when taking your LinkedIn profile photo, and this is why selfies are a really big don’t.

The second thing not to do is to ask a partner or friend to do your LinkedIn profile photo. No matter how good they are at photography, they won’t have the correct kit and will not be used to taking LinkedIn profile photos every day. They might be great at taking landscapes or photos of their pets but don’t assume these skills will transfer and make your LinkedIn profile photo look professional. Also, you have another problem of having to explain to them why you are not using their failed attempt at your LinkedIn profile photo on your profile page!

If you have any further questions about your LinkedIn photo, Do’s and don’ts. Please get in touch.

LinkedIn profile photo the do's and don'ts.

LinkedIn profile photo the do’s and don’ts.