Approachable & Professional Headshots.

Corporate headshots – The professional and approachable style

Corporate headshots. The professional and approachable style.

Corporate headshots. The professional and approachable style.

These headshots were taken for a client who wanted to look professional and approachable. This is a request we get frequently and it can be quite hard to pin down exactly the style the client is hoping to receive. We quoted on a shoot recently and sent over some sample headshots. When we asked if the samples meet with their requirements the client mentioned that they were really good but they were not what they were looking for as the men in the headshots had ties on. We now class the ‘professional & approachable’ style as smart relaxed headshots without a tie.

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Profile portrait at St Paul’s

Profile portrait at St Pauls London

The client called us in the morning and asked if we could do a shoot that afternoon in the St Paul’s area as he needed to send a portrait off that evening for a magazine article he was to be featured in. We did the shoot mid afternoon and had the finished image back to him and the journalist by close of play that same day.

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