If you want LinkedIn to work for you make sure you have a professional headshot that is up to the job.

Professional London studio corporate photography

A photo of you taken whilst at a pub/party/holiday/wedding, or one taken on your phone, does not present a professional image and will do more damage to your business profile than you may believe.

Facebook and Instagram photos won’t work as your professional profile pic, let’s be clear on that! Also, be careful not to have anything too cheesy, sultry or flirty. Make sure it’s also recent, if you have 30 years of experience and a picture taken just after university, then clients or employees will notice.

Remember first impressions count, so invest in having a professional corporate headshot taken.

Also you now have the ability to add a background photo so think carefully what to use and how it illustrates your business sector.

professional corporate headshots in London studio

See how we create our LinkedIn headshots.


Approachable & Professional Headshots.

Corporate headshots – The professional and approachable style

Corporate headshots. The professional and approachable style.

Corporate headshots. The professional and approachable style.

These headshots were taken for a client who wanted to look professional and approachable. This is a request we get frequently and it can be quite hard to pin down exactly the style the client is hoping to receive. We quoted on a shoot recently and sent over some sample headshots. When we asked if the samples meet with their requirements the client mentioned that they were really good but they were not what they were looking for as the men in the headshots had ties on. We now class the ‘professional & approachable’ style as smart relaxed headshots without a tie.

Grantly Lynch © Corporate Photography Ltd

City Background Headshots

Shoot for TAM Asset Management Ltd at their offices in City Tower, 40 Basinghall Street.
We were commissioned to some corporate headshots against a white background to be used on their new website.
Once we noticed the view out of the boardroom window we did a sample shot to show what could be achieved if we used the City as the background. This gives the headshots a sense of a corporate environment and more depth which adds a visual interest.

London headshots using The City as background

London headshots using The City as background

City headshot with corporate London behind

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