How you should look in your LinkedIn profile photo.

Some tips on how you should look in your LinkedIn profile photo.

As we have discussed before, your LinkedIn profile photo is a very important part of our profile page. It will be the first thing potential clients and employers look at when they visit your profile page. So it is critical that you look your best. The question is how to do that. Remember, LinkedIn is a business social media tool, and therefore you need to appear that you are ready to do business. It is not important to look beautiful or handsome. It is very important that you look professional. Viewers visiting your page want to see one thing, that you look like you are good at your job and would be an asset to their business.

So how do you look professional in your LinkedIn profile photo? You need to find a professional corporate headshot photographer. You can search online or ask business associates if they have used a photographer they would recommend. Always check out the photographer’s portfolio, and if you have seen another person’s profile photo that you like, then ask the headshot photographer to replicate that style of headshot.

Wardrobe. This is important as you must dress according to your profession. Some IT and social media companies and freelancers dress in a very casual way which suits the nature of their business. If you are in the legal, accounting or financial sectors, then we would suggest you dress accordingly. In these professions, clients still expect to see smart traditional business attire. In this business sector, you have great responsibility for people’s money or legal problems, and you should appear professional at all times. Do not try and look trendy or that you follow a certain fashion style. You need to meet the traditional expectations of your client or future employee.

For any further ideas on what to wear in your LinkedIn profile photo please ping us an email.

How you should look in your LinkedIn profile photo.

How you should look in your LinkedIn profile photo. Financial sector sample headshot.