Why you must have a good quality LinkedIn profile photo.

We often post articles about the benefits of having a quality LinkedIn profile photo and here are a few more reasons why you should do this. LinkedIn guidelines say that if your profile photo is not a good likeness of yourself then it can be removed. If they remove your poor quality profile photo you can upload another one. If they remove your profile photo 3 times you will not be able to upload another photo and your profile image will go back to the default image. Having the default LinkedIn profile image makes your profile page look amateurish because it appears you could not be bothered to complete your profile. Another reason for uploading a quality LinkedIn profile photo is that if you try and upload other types of images these will also be removed. You might want to promote your company rather than yourself on Linkedin but uploading a company or business logo as your profile photo will result in it being removed by Linkedin. As will images of Landscapes, animals and any words and phrases. Overall be careful with what you upload as your profile photo as it is three strikes and you are out and that is a hazardous position when you are using LinkedIn as a professional.

If you commission a professional LinkedIn profile photo check with the headshot photographer prior to the shoot that they will format the finished headshot for use on LinkedIn. These are the guidelines from LinkedIn on profile and background photos specifications.

  • The maximum file size is 8MB.
  • Profile photo: Pixel size is between 400 (w) x 400 (h) pixels and 7680 (w) x 4320 (h) pixels. We recommend adding a photo that won’t require much cropping. You can adjust the photo after it has been uploaded.
  • Background photo: Recommended pixel dimensions are 1584 (w) x 396 (h) pixels. Learn more about adding or editing background photos.
  • The file type must be PNG or JPG. Note: We don’t support GIFs.

If it still won’t upload, try again using a different browser. If that doesn’t work, follow the instructions below to compress and save your profile photo as a PNG file and then upload it to your profile.

Why you must have a good quality LinkedIn profile photo.

Good quality LinkedIn profile photo sample headshot.